Traveling Physical Therapist can Restore Faith

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Recently I truly felt like I was part of one of the best travel therapy companies to work for. Period. My Purple Squirrels are all amazing individuals that serve their patients exceptionally well, but once in awhile a traveling physical therapist comes around that has the physical therapy tools that simply introduces you to what greatness is.

Let me explain.I received an email from my administration team telling me that a patient (not a client or supervisor or a Director of Rehab) in Long Island, New York  was searching for the traveling Physical Therapist that was working with her. For now, let’s call the traveling physical therapist Judy and the patient Elizabeth. Finally, this patient sent an email to our main company email address in hopes of locating her. When I read the email, I was just left speechless and emotional.

Good Morning,

I was hoping that using this email address would allow me to get in touch with whomever handles placements for the Northeast, specifically New York and {FACILITY}.  I was just discharged from a two week stay there (following almost six months inpatient at a hospital) and was lucky enough to be assigned to a PT your agency has working there, by the name of Elizabeth, whom I gratefully credit with restoring both my faith in my ability to heal and my actual ability to walk.

A little context – I am a 35 year old, previously healthy woman and was thrust in to a tumult of pain and debilitation due to a bone infection that was initially erroneously treated.  That’s the short version, but I hope it’s enough to validate that I have spent an excessive amount of time around health care workers of late, and as a former PT/OT/SLP coordinator I consider myself more than able to evaluate the qualities of a practitioner – and Elizabeth is absolutely top flight.

Her scope of knowledge is phenomenal, and she’s wonderful at explaining the workings of musculature, etc to a layperson.  Being able to understand what specific exercises are for and why they work is invaluable in the course of treatment, and she was the first person I encountered during my recent ordeal that actually took time to answer my questions and address my lingering concerns.  She is patient and empathetic (qualities you cannot teach) and a consummate professional (I witnessed firsthand her interactions with all types of patients, from irascible to compliant). Also of note is her particularly skilled way of dealing with the population one generally finds at a skilled nursing facility. I had the opportunity to watch her interact with one particularly….sassy…older gentleman, and the grace with which she was able to field and redirect his over the top comments was quite impressive.  Bottom line – the woman is fabulous at her job, a credit to your agency, and would be an asset absolutely anywhere a skilled physical therapist is needed.  Cirrus is very lucky to have her on the roster.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  If this message cannot be forwarded to Elizabeth’s placement coordinator, I would appreciate their contact info.  I am sending the above comments to {FACILITY} under separate cover.

Warm Regards,


This is EXACTLY why Judy is a traveling Physical Therapist and I am a travel recruiter- making a difference in a patient’s life. You absolutely can not put a price tag on that. When I called Judy to read this to her over the phone (and emailed it to her afterwards) we were both crying by the end of the phone call.

It’s an amazing thing to have a patient able to articulate in such a way her thoughts and emotions to a physical therapist. However, there is one word used in this letter that differentiates a good physical therapist and a Purple Squirrel.

This Traveling Physical Therapist Restored a Person’s Faith.

This is not something you can teach. Either you have the passion and the zeal and quite honestly confidence in your abilities and in your patient’s abilities to move forward. This is beyond what any textbook or any professor can teach. This is special and I found myself truly humbled with the thought that I was able to connect the two.

Truly, one of my best Purple Squirrels out there.



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