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OT SLP PT License Help

Applying for a speech language pathology, occupational therapy or physical therapy license is a straight forward process.Everyone knows what a P.I.T.A. is.. added to Alltop!

I have great news to announce. Effective February 20, Alltop now lists's articles on their site! This is an exciting time for us as more and more people are reading our articles and enjoying their content. Alltop is an online magazine rack created...

Travel Jobs and Ink – Art Worth the Difficulties?

“Guy walks into a job interview. He’s wearing a t-shirt, has a couple piercings, tattoos on his arms and his hair is 3 different colors. The manager who was interviewing him liked the resume and decided to pass on some advice to him. He tells the guy, “You’re resume...

Travel CT Tech: Diving through the California Coast

Just thought I'd share this really cool picture of a harbor sea lion. One of my Travel CT Techs send me this pic a few months ago. The last few contracts she had been working in Monterrey and Salinas, CA. Taking pics, diving and these little guys come around. THAT is...

Finding the Right Travel Recruiter

This week I’d like to dig a little deeper into a few points to help you make the right decisions on becoming a travel therapist or a travel technician. Whether you’re a new traveling physical therapist or a seasoned travel ultrasound tech, the advice is the same.

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