There are tons of great recruiters out there and you may be working with one right now. However, ask yourself:

“Does he/she promote my goals?”

“Has a recruiter ever asked me what my goals were?”

“Why am I traveling?”

The fact is, you don’t need a recruiter to find a job. Have you ever heard a recruiter tell you that? It’s the truth. if you want to find a job, odds are you can find one on your own. However, to meet your goals, that’s different. That’s what I do.

Some days better are better than others
when Joel handles the heavy lifting…




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I’m a second generation recruiter that specializes in healthcare. Although I have 20+ years of helping Purple Squirrels reach their goals, I think of myself more as a sports agent than a recruiter. Lebron James. Derek Jeter. Tom Brady. They all have an agent. You may not see them or even know who they are, but they are there. They negotiate salaries, form relationships, help their client’s grow and reach their goals. That’s what I do verbatim. I’m your agent.

Some days are tougher than others…

What goals?

Everyone’s goals are different and none are wrong. It all depends on you. For example…

A Speech Language Pathologist, living in Tennessee. Her daughter just had her first child…in Texas; my traveler’s first grandchild. She wants to see her daughter and new grandchild, but how? It’s a bit out of her affordability and she doesn’t know anything about Texas. After speaking with me she spent a year in and around where her daughter lives. When she wasn’t working, her grandchild was in her arms.

A Sonographer is working for me right now in Monterey, CA – gorgeous area. He is an avid diver. “Joel, I don’t care where I work, just as long as I’m within an hour from a coast so I can dive on weekends.” He’s spent the last 9 months diving every weekend.

A husband and wife physical therapy team work for me. They have a Winnebago, licensed in 5 states and they love to travel from state to state and see different areas of our country. All they want to do is travel and wake up somewhere different every few months…


Maybe you have a bucket list of locations to visit. Perhaps you want to take advantage of the premium pay a travel position has and pay off some debt. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re looking for a new adventure…

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