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Thanks for stopping by… I’m a second generation recruiter that specializes in healthcare. Although I have 20+ years of helping Purple Squirrels reach their goals, I think of myself more as a sports agent than a recruiter. Lebron James. Derek Jeter. Tom Brady. They all have an agent. You may not see them or even know who they are, but they are their. They negotiate salaries, form relationships, help their client’s grow and reach their goals. That’s what I do verbatim. I’m your agent.

Joel’s Journal

OT SLP PT License Help

Applying for a speech language pathology, occupational therapy or physical therapy license is a straight forward process.Everyone knows what a P.I.T.A. is..

MyPurpleSquirrels.com added to Alltop!

I have great news to announce. Effective February 20, Alltop now lists MyPurpleSquirrel.com's articles on their site! This is an exciting time for us as more and more people are reading our articles and enjoying their content. Alltop is an online magazine rack created...

Travel Jobs and Ink – Art Worth the Difficulties?

“Guy walks into a job interview. He’s wearing a t-shirt, has a couple piercings, tattoos on his arms and his hair is 3 different colors. The manager who was interviewing him liked the resume and decided to pass on some advice to him. He tells the guy, “You’re resume...

Travel CT Tech: Diving through the California Coast

Just thought I'd share this really cool picture of a harbor sea lion. One of my Travel CT Techs send me this pic a few months ago. The last few contracts she had been working in Monterrey and Salinas, CA. Taking pics, diving and these little guys come around. THAT is...

Finding the Right Travel Recruiter

This week I’d like to dig a little deeper into a few points to help you make the right decisions on becoming a travel therapist or a travel technician. Whether you’re a new traveling physical therapist or a seasoned travel ultrasound tech, the advice is the same.

Leading The Industry

In the fast pace ever changing landscape of healthcare where there is no face to face interaction, it is easy to lost the personal interaction. It is a pleasure working with Joel because of his professionalism combined with a friendly, easy going attitude. I would recommend Joel to any health care provider who is currently and/or is interested in travel positions
Troy J.

Physical Therapist

Joel was very good, always returned calls and was pretty straight with me, delivered on everything he promised.
Kerry J.


I will say Joel is one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with.  He understand his employee’s situation and is always ready to assist them by every maximum encouragement and motivations. What amazes me most is his welcome cards of enjoyment to work with his employees. I encourage whoever is looking for job to send their application to  him.
Janet O.

Central Sterile Processor

Joel responds to e-mails & text messages within 24 hours.  He makes follow-up contacts  a few days after contracts begin & at the mid-contract period.  Any questions about the calculating of money by the Fed Gov’t are also answered.  Joel  is not afraid to consult the Cirrus personnel before giving a final response.  I look forward to working with him when my current contract ends in late May.
Elizabeth D.

Speech Language Pathologist

Joel is a wonderful person and offers support that makes you feel good about your choices and decisions.
Roxanna D.

Occupational Therapist

He is a very great and wonderful recruiter to work with. He understands my issues and tries to work with me at all times. I like him.
Valentine A.

Central Sterile Processor

Always there for me. An encourager, believe in my skill sets. If I have any question at all he is on top of it right away!!!
Kelly S.

Occupational Therapist

Valued Services

A recruiter’s job is to fill a job opening. My goal is to help you fulfill your goals. Everyone’s goals are different and I am hear to listen to you and to understand what drives you.

Salary Negotiation

More and more agencies are standardizing their pay scale. I negotiate on an individual level to maximize your pay potential.

Identifying Goals

Why do you want to travel? What are you trying to accomplish? What is your end result? Can travel work make that difference?


Sounds simple doesn’t it? What I want, is whatever you want. My success is built on your success and happiness in reaching your goals.

The Final Piece

Cirrus Medial Staffing is the industry’s best kept secret. We care about quality and service. Our level of integrity branches from you to your patients. We want you to be successful, happy and enjoy making a difference in a patient’s life.

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HOT Jobs

Travel Mammo jobs in California! #mammojobs #travelmammo

Best Travel Mammo jobs in California! Salinas, CA 2 Openings! Day Shift ARRT required 13 Weeks $2000/weekly total package $1000 Sign On Bonus Call me to discuss! Joel Heifferon Cirrus Medical Staffing 954-334-4021 jheifferon@cirrusmedicalstaffing.com   Salinas...

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